Video in the Church eBook

Video in the Church Book Cover
Video in the Church eBook Cover

Video is everywhere. Whether on your television screen, smart phone, tablet, computer, store displays, or even billboards, you can’t go through a day without seeing video in many environments. It is a ubiquitous and powerful communication tool in today’s culture.

The Internet has spawned and propelled this revolution, since almost all of the video we see is delivered to us digitally, and much of that via the Internet. Anyone with a message to deliver to our society who does not place video in their tool kit will find themselves handicapped from the get-go.

The church is no exception. The content of the message delivered from the church has not changed and will not change, but the delivery vehicles have. From word of mouth, to handwritten scrolls, to movable type, to recorded audio, to over-the-air broadcasting, to video recording, to satellite distribution, to the Internet, progress has not rendered any of the preceding vehicles obsolete. (Well, perhaps the use of handwritten scrolls has diminished somewhat.) That having been said, the means by which the majority of people receive their information has changed dramatically and is likely to closely follow exploding advances in technology.

To connect with our current culture, the church must show up where the people are gathering in both a literal and figurative sense. In many regards video is the language of the day, and the church must not ignore it, or it will be missing the opportunity to reach a large percentage of those who need to hear the message and respond.

This book deals specifically with the applications of video by the church to package, enhance, and deliver the timeless and unchanging message both inside and outside the church walls. It is unusual in that it has content that could be described in various places as philosophical, psychological, practical, technical, experiential, and spiritual. While not a world-renounced expert in any of these disciplines, my forty plus years of experience in church-related media have shown me that all of these areas must be considered in developing and advancing efficient and effective video communication.

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