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Multiple Cameras in a Church Service

Video is becoming more and more a part of worship services and church ministry in general. Often the video which is acquired during the service must serve several purposes, and that fact will sometimes mandate some compromises, especially when multiple cameras are involved. Whether you are already into multiple camera origination or just considering, I thought it might be helpful to look at these situations and see how some churches are dealing with them.  Continue reading Multiple Cameras in a Church Service

On Site Video Coach

Hello everyone, and welcome to this post on video systems.

The first question to be answered is just what in the world is an On Site Video Coach? Well, it’s a term I’ve coined to describe what I do. I work with organizations (mostly, but not exclusively churches) to help them make the most effective use of modern video production and distribution techniques. One major component is the training of media staff and volunteers in the various skills needed to produce quality video programming, whether it is for broadcast, streaming, IMAG, DVDs, YouTube, websites, or any other distribution means available now or in the future.  Continue reading On Site Video Coach