Scripture Science Video Programs

Program 1   “Dinosaurs in the Bible”

 Program 2   “A Glimpse of the Trinity”

Program 3   “An Illogical Transition”

Program 4   “Fire Breathing Dragons”

 Program 5  “A Challenge to Believers”

Program 6  “The Appearance of Age”

Program 7  “The Geologic Column – Rapid Burial”

Program 8  “The Geologic Column – Sorting”

Program 9  “A Tiny Beetle Challenges Evolution”

Program 10  “Days, Months, Years, and Weeks?”

Program 11  “Misplaced Fossils”

Program 12  “The Day-Age Theory”

Program 13  “The Gap Theory”

Program 14  “The Size and Shape of the Earth”

Program 15  “Believing Scientists”

 Program 16  “Extinct Animals in the Bible”

Program 17  “First the Bible Speaks, then Science Discovers”

Program 18  “An Evolutionist Looks at Design”

Program 19  “Is Evolution Really Science, or is it a Religion?”

Program 20  “Two Audiences for Creation Discussions”

Program 21  “February 12, 1809”

Program 22 “Interdependency”

Program 23  “Can God’s Existence be Proven?”

Program 24  “Man and Dinosaur”

Program 25 “Is Evolution a Proven Fact?”

Program 26 “Flight of Fancy”