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Welcome to the new, improved Stevan Speheger Media Services website.  It represents a consolidation of several sites and blogs which were dedicated to business ventures and personal interests.

A central location which is easier to access and to keep fresh will hopefully offset the slight extra effort to navigate to whatever facet drew you here in the first place.

The top and side menus are the key to getting to where you want to go.  Main areas are immediately visible while sub-pages of that topic are fly outs from the side menu.

At this time, there are four major areas consolidated into this site: my voiceover business, my video consultation and training service, my Scripture Science section including links to 26 one-minute television programs and soon-to-come links and information on the Creation-Evolution issue, and finally a description of and link to my eBook, Video in the Church, available for from amazon.com for Kindle and Kindle reader software and apps.

My blogs on voiceover and on video systems have been combined into one, separated by categories.  If you are interested in one category but not the other, you can select a category in the left panel, and only blog posts on that topic will appear.  I’m likely to add another blog category on Scripture Science topics in the near future.

As I slowly slip into what’s know as retirement, I want to use what I’ve learned over 50 years, primarily in the broadcast and video fields, to benefit others in similar pursuits.  As an electrical engineer and a Christian, I want to share evidence that the Bible is accurate when it speaks to matters of science.  I am convinced that one does not need to check one’s scientific sensibilities when entering the door of the church.  I realize that this topic represents a lightning rod for the non-believers, and even some within the church.  I’m always open to free and open discussion of these assertions, but I’m also aware that there are some who hold opposing views passionately who chose to attack the messenger with name-calling and other degrading remarks.  Since those folks are usually high in emotion and deficient in information, I will purge those types of responses and replies in order to maintain a calm and honest dialogue.

Some other topics that could show up here in the future include amateur (ham) radio, and future developments in a plan to produce a weekly radio program featuring music from the 50s and 60s.

Once again, welcome and come back any time to see what has been added or changed.  Hopefully something you find here will encourage or benefit you in some way.