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Hello everyone, and welcome to this post on video systems.

The first question to be answered is just what in the world is an On Site Video Coach? Well, it’s a term I’ve coined to describe what I do. I work with organizations (mostly, but not exclusively churches) to help them make the most effective use of modern video production and distribution techniques. One major component is the training of media staff and volunteers in the various skills needed to produce quality video programming, whether it is for broadcast, streaming, IMAG, DVDs, YouTube, websites, or any other distribution means available now or in the future. 

Some of the essential skills include camera setup and operation, lighting, directing of multi-camera productions, editing, and means of distribution. Volunteers are usually high on enthusiasm but are often unskilled though eager to learn. I can bring my 45+ years of video experience including more than 25 years as a church media director to bear on teaching these skills and inspiring excellence in their execution.

Another element of video coaching involves evaluation of the technical aspects of the organizations video systems and adjusting the components for peak performance. As a member of the Society of Broadcast Engineers who has served as Chief Engineer of both radio and television broadcast facilities, I am familiar with all types of broadcast equipment, both analog and digital.

With the proliferation of high definition television into the home, many churches and organizations are looking to upgrade their facilities. They myriad of equipment choices, some of which is quite expensive, presents both challenges and potential pitfalls to organizations and their budgets. Expertise outside of that offered by equipment sales personnel is vital to help prevent costly mistakes with overpriced, mismatched. and ill-functioning systems. I can provide that unbiased advice tailored to your specific needs and budget without any conflict of interest.

I’d be happy to discuss your specific situation and provide a quote on any services you might need. Just fill out the form below to set up a free telephone consultation.

I’ll be posting some general tips and suggestions that can be helpful in future blog posts. These are details that are often overlooked, but when applied can make a major difference in the look and professionalism of your video product.

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